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We only focus on mobile crushing and screening

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Kreat Heavy Industry is a professional company engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, sales, leasing, and service of tracked mobile crushing and screening equipment. The product equipment is mainly used in fields such as mining, road and bridge engineering, earthwork engineering, and construction waste recycling. The company's mission is to turn waste into treasure and create a beautiful home, aiming to become a world-class enterprise in the field of mobile crushing and screening. The company adheres to the value theory of integrity, pragmatism, efficiency, and unity of knowledge and action, with product quality as the starting point. With the joint efforts of more than 30 R&D personnel, the company has won 35 utility model technology patents and four invention patents in the industry.

Kreat was selected for the "Quality" program of CCTV in 2017, and CCTV filmed a documentary for him and broadcasted it on Channel 13. Received the title of Top 100 Brands at the 3rd China Manufacturing Power Forum and China Manufacturing Annual Ceremony in 2017. The company adopts a customer lifetime service strategy and utilizes a large service system to solve all after-sales problems for customers. Nowadays, Kreat products have been distributed in four countries at home and abroad, 22 provinces in China, and nearly a thousand case sites. The company will continue to innovate, provide attentive services, and continue to move forward on the road of focusing on mobile crushing and screening.

The quality of the product determines the customer's user experience. Only customers have the final say in evaluating the quality of a product. So, we always think from the perspective of our customers, listen carefully to the valuable opinions of every customer who has used our products, and continuously improve our products to better adapt to market demands, rather than just pursuing our own goals and economic interests.

Our development philosophy: international quality, pursuit of excellence, reputation oriented, and win-win cooperation. Without faith, one cannot stand, and without faith, one cannot thrive. To be a person, we must uphold integrity, and to be a business, we must also uphold integrity. To make the enterprise bigger and stronger, integrity is fundamental. We say and do the same thing. We will never easily undermine customers' trust in us for any short-term benefits.





Product Idea

We only focus on mobile crushing and screening

Achieve a depth of 10000 meters in a 1-meter wide field We always equip with a revered heart Maximum startup rate, minimum downtime Building an international enterprise, establishing a national brand, and leading the development of the industry

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