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Tracks mobile jaw crushing KJ-1170E

The electronic control system adopts CAN bus control of the internationally renowned brand (IFM), with high protection level and adaptable to harsh environments. The system has complex function interlocking control, high security, certain fault diagnosis function and reserved expansion module, after expansion, it can realize functions such as remote information collection, fault monitoring and remote locking, and realize the operation of third-party APP real-time monitoring Equipment Remote debugging and maintenance can be carried out to reduce the cost of after-sales service. The electronic control system is operated by a touch screen panel, which makes it easy to query system status information and has a better human-computer interaction experience. The equipment travels with imported remote control, which has a long remote control distance, higher safety, and stable signal without interference from other signals.

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Tracks mobile jaw crushing KJ-1170

Total weight (kg): 47,000 Processing capacity (t/h): 130-500 Total power (kW): 142.35

Tracks mobile jaw crushing KJ-1280

Machine weight (kg):53,000 Processing capacity (t/h):175-610 Total power(kW):206.95

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Machine weight (kg): 52,000 Capacity (t/h): 100-380 Total Power(kW): 317.2

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